Learn from practitioners with local context to lead your business through the AI paradigm shift today

In partnership with OBOTEO, Xische Academy brings you this exclusive, 3-hour executive bootcamp on AI for business leaders in the UAE.

The UAE was among the first nations to announce a national AI strategy, and appoint a Minister of State of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence stands to contribute $96 billion to the UAE economy by 2030. Meanwhile, advances in machine learning, natural language processing and robotics are already disrupting industries across the region. Are you ready to lead your business through the AI paradigm shift and seize the opportunities ahead?

The AI Executive Bootcamp is a one-time half-day session customised to your business needs. Understand artificial intelligence through activity-based learning with fun, interactive and relatable examples. At the end of the session you'll be buzzing with awesome ideas about how AI can specifically be applied to improve your operating performance.

There's no better way to take the first steps in your AI integration journey.

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March 20, 2019


1pm - 4pm


Dubai Design District


AED 3,750 per person



Introduction to AI

  • What is AI?

  • AI’s evolution

  • The aim of AI

The three-legged stool

  • The role of the machine learning approach

  • What Natural Language Processing, means for business

  • Robotics and AI

Commercial Benefits of AI

  • Common industry applications of AI

  • How AI can specifically benefit your business


The AI Executive Bootcamp is aimed at executives looking to cut through the noise and identify applications of Artificial Intelligence that can specifically benefit their business. The bootcamp will enable you to recognise how AI can improve your company’s operational performance. The session is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing amongst business owners, C-­suite managers and executives alike.


led by practitioners

  • Learn about artificial intelligence from active practitioners with over twenty years experience.

experiential learning

  • Learn about artificial intelligence with relatable examples and play-based activities.

deployment toolkit

  • Get a practical toolkit with tips to identify the most beneficial artificial intelligence use case for you.



Ayman Al Ashkar

Ayman Alashkar has a strong academic and professional background in business strategy, capital raising, data modelling and predictive analytics.

Ayman has a BSc in Mathematics from the University of London, an MSc in Real Estate Investment from the University of Reading, and a professional accreditation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Artificial Intelligence applied to Business Strategy.

His thesis on the use of predictive modelling for greenfield real estate development defined the best­ practices applied by a world­leading multinational real estate consultancy as far back as 2007, used to determine optimal development strategies for Real Estate projects valued at more than US$ 500mn.

Ayman’s 20-year career spans real estate banking, investment, development, wealth management, and AI system design. Ayman specialises in effectively communicating optimal AI strategies to non­-technical stakeholders, decision­ makers and investors.

About Oboteo

OBOTEO is a bespoke AI services company. We custom-­build AI systems for enterprises large and small.

Bespoke AI System development

Think of each AI system as a digital employee. Whether it’s a Customer Service Chatbot, a Machine Learning algorithm, or a Deep Neural Network, if you need it, we custom build it for you, train you on it, and deploy it into your operational environment.

Technology Solutions

We develop general IT solutions for you (mobile apps, integrations, databases, etc..), or provide you with a dedicated, either off­shore or in­house IT team, billed at a flexible hourly/weekly/monthly rate.

Oboteo’s team of programmers includes PhD Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, NLP Linguists, and versatile software programmers. We ensure that you get high ­quality, cutting ­edge talent at competitive low costs.

Learn more: www.oboteo.com